Brain Train For Dogs

Hi dog lover,

Adrienne and Einstein the Dog.

Just a quick note on The Airplane Game.

…The Airplane Game is the free game you were sent yesterday.

You’ll find if you walk your dog before the game…it will make it even more effective.

Because your dog has been exercised and is more relaxed – they are more likely to pay attention to the game.

The Airplane Game is a wonderful foundation for eliminating bad behavior.

If you want the complete solution to having an amazingly well behaved pet however…

You should checkout my >>>brain training for dogs course here.

It’s there to develop your dog’s hidden intelligence.

It does this with a huge variety of easy games and other little known training strategies.

When you develop your dog’s hidden intelligence…

Something amazing happens.

Behaviors you thought were entrenched just seem to melt away.

And the bond between you and your dog grows even stronger.

>>>Check out the brain training for Dogs course now.

…Or you can keep putting up with any troublesome behaviors your dog may have.

…Or not having the kind of bond you deserve between you and your dog.

Which would be a real shame.

Speak to you soon with even more great doggy tips and advice.

Love from your pals,
Adrienne and Einstein the dog

PS – Check out the brain training for Dogs course now. It’s great for eliminating any bad behaviors by tapping into your dog’s hidden intelligence.

PPS- check out the cool video of me training my dog on this page.

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