How To Build A Tree House – 3 Common Practices To Avoid

The three main situations that one would most wish to avoid when building a tree house as a beginner…

As with any DIY task or home based activity, there’s always a safety risk element to be aware of. When a tree house is built incorrectly, this risk is huge..

All it takes is a rough nail or a loose plank and it could spell a hospital trip and a ruined summer for your kids..

Now, exactly what do we need to avoid here? Listed below are 3 points you should carefully avoid:

Number 1 –  During the assembly of your tree house, you will no doubt often be working at a height so a good harness or scaffold is seriously recommended. The simple fact that you are up a tree with power-tools and big pieces of lumber requires a stable environment and unrestricted use of both hands. Hands free when working with tools is good.

With prior planning a scaffold or safety harness could be the wisest decision you make regarding equipment hire. Be under no illusion that playing a balancing act while trying to use precision tools could endanger your life and health!

Number 2 – Issues such as splinters, dust in your lungs and eyes, and the toxins in some substances you may use.

And, just why would that be? When sawing or drilling into wood you are going to encounter an amount of dust in the air. Many of these dust particles are in fact tiny splinters, and getting the dust in your eyes is no fun at all.

There is also actually something pretty dangerous in the dust from plywood if you are exposed to enough of it as Plywood contains formaldehyde in the glue that it is made with which can cause respiratory and other horrible side effects.

Number 3 – The weather. When you are high up in the branches of a tree the effects of the wind will be greatly exaggerated, and while balancing this is not good. You need to be mindful of the sail-like properties of any large boards you take up with you to avoid being knocked out of the tree yourself or losing the board and it hitting another unsuspecting person below.

If the wind is strong you should not be up a tree at all, but even on relatively calm days you need to be careful with materials and look out for yourself.

Just avoiding the dangers will not necessarily mean that you will win the battle when learning how to build a tree house as a beginner but it will make you cautious. Better Safe Than Sorry!
Learn how to safely Build A Tree House that is secure, weather resistant and something that both you and your kids will be proud of at the following website: How To Build A Tree House

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