How To Successfully Sell Your Art From A Facebook Page – Top 5 Tips

Selling on Facebook Pages for artists is easier than you may think and although many artists want to create art, and they want to make a name for themselves, the need to make money is not always the end goal.  Let’s consider the reality here; if you are not profiting from your art then you still need to make a living by working a regular job. Would it not be better to learn how to market yourself as the artist and sell your work to develop sufficient income to enable you to devote all your time and resources to your talent?

This won’t happen overnight, of course, but the following tips for success when building a Facebook Page can certainly help move you on quickly with the result that the regular job becomes less necessary and less time consuming, freeing you up to do what you enjoy most. When you make your art your business, suddenly you have the full day to devote to what you love doing.
You may be asking yourself if a Facebook Page is really the best platform. How many people do you know who do not have a Facebook account? Your buyers are on this social media platform and once you find and target your specific demographic you will be surprised how quickly you can enlist fans and make sales. Also, the great advantage to using a Facebook Page is there is no limit to how many fans your page can have, so it’s possible to grow to whatever size your content and marketing skills can justify. 

1. Building A Fan Base & Advertising On Facebook:
With pages, you get the chance to ‘Boost’ posts. This is a form of paid advertising that can be of great assistance when you are starting off. Investing a few dollars at the outset will give your business a kick start.

2. Setting Up A Facebook Store:
Create a store directly on your Facebook Page using Shopify. You don’t need to create your own selling platform like a blog or website. This form of direct selling means your fans on mobile devices don’t need to click away from Facebook to buy.

3. Selling On Facebook Pages Is Perfect For Art:
The visual nature of Facebook allows you to show your work as a finished product or you can produce progress shots. Everyone loves to see or watch demonstration videos of a creation in the making. Short videos are perfect on this platform.

4. Network With Other Artists & Selling To Facebook Groups:
Finding groups of art lovers and being able to inform them of new pieces or exhibitions is easier and quicker than traditional methods. You can also hook up with other artists who may be interested in collaborating with you by sharing posts and cross promoting, thereby increasing your viewers and possible fan/buyer base.

5. Sell On Facebook Through Incentives:
One of the easiest ways to increase your fans and potential buyers is to give away a free prize. You give a free prize to someone that will be randomly chosen that has shared your post, and liked it, and commented something. Prizes do not have to be expensive pieces of your work.

Others have followed these 5 tips and seen success in achieving notoriety and building a large fan base of eager buyers waiting for the next masterpiece. Follow them yourself and you too, will succeed with your marketing for selling your art.

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