Make the Most Memorable Wedding Speech

Weddings are such a blessing! The blessed union of two people is
always a welcome addition. That is why if you have to make a
wedding speech, you know that you have to make the speech very
relevant, meaningful and memorable.

When it comes to marriages women are a different breed altogether.
They have too much to worry about for the special day- the bridal
gown, the hair, the make-up, the shoes, the lingerie, the flowers,
the decorations, the bridesmaid’s dresses and ofcourse the wedding

For men it’s a different ball game. For them to ensure that the day
passes on smoothly they need to be well-dressed, on time, know the
wedding etiquettes well, and of course be well-prepared for the
wedding speech.

For apart from the other worries that women have they are really
concerned about the wedding speeches. Every word that is being said

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For carrying out your speaking duties with charisma and class so
that it strikes the right chord with the audiences, makes them
smile or even drop a tear or two you need to know certain do’s and
don’ts of a wedding speech.

The Don’ts

  1. When writing your speech do not use fancy words that can only
    be found in the dictionary. Dictionary words may seem impressive to
    you, but it will leave your audience dumbfounded and alienated.
  2. Do not include or mention former relationships. Avoid cursing
    and using undesirable words as much as possible. Avoid excessive
    inside jokes.
  3. Do not go overboard with your humor or copy jokes from
    internet making people think what a drab you are.
  4. Do not swear and make exaggerations.

In a nutshell for giving a good wedding speech you need to find a
story-angle to it, write it out in easy conversational language,
rehearse it well and extend your own personality to make it sound

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In my next email I will tell you about the Do’s of a good wedding

Sincerely yours,
John Wilson and Belinda Hamilton


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