Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of each user, and we remain committed to the full
 discretion of the data provided

It will be collected email and password, name and country, and age will be shown to other members only if the user allows, such action can be edited at any time. The password will not be visible to the application / site administrator. We will not pass on user data to third parties.


The site / application works with WEBLINK hosting, and contains ads from third parties, when accessed, is under their responsibility the data provided to them by any register or other actions.


We receive data related to IP and location of each user, but such information is collected only for performance metrics of the site / application. This data can be collected by the third party sites here exposed through banner or just common links, however the responsibility of this collection by third parties is not ours but the sites

Rights not to provide personal data

The application / website was developed to provide information of the most diversesports, in reliable sources, there is a member area, however it is up to the user whether to register or not, the information became available to each person, whether or not a member of the community.


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