Raising Chicken Tips: Requirements for Building a Coop

A coop is what you unremarkably decision a chicken’s house.

It’s their kingdom! A hen’s castle.

therefore you’ve got to create bound to keep their house maintained at a four star certification for this can facilitate the chickens grow healthy and happy.

Therefore, to stay it the method it ought to be, there are specific necessities to cope up with to create a coop which will satisfy each you and your chickens.

The poultry owner, of all folks should perceive this.

Requirement #1 Regarding its design, the coop should be secured from any quite predator. each single angle within the pen – sides, below and above, should be structured to resist the wrath and desire of predators who are forever on the lookout for a free meal. once choosing a wire mesh, take care it’s the proper one. Predators are over one. They scour inside the realm of your coop unobserved simply expecting the time once they will attack. you’ve got to create sure that the coop is impenetrable as a result of some predators like raccoons just reach out for his or her prey, easily.

Requirement #2 In reference to demand variety one, this can be a continuation. other than predators, you have to secure the coop from those nasty rats.
They burrow through the bottom and are available up from below. If the coop floor isn’t blocked, these rodents can slip into the hen’s quarters. Rodents are interested in the food you’re giving your chickens and also the faecal matter they excrete.

What’s additional devastating is that these plaguy rats love eggs. therefore whenever giving birth season comes, they gather too. wish to urge eliminate them? sensible idea.

however interference is healthier than cure. that’s why preventing them to return into the pen is better that obtaining rid of their presence completely. All you wish to do is construct a floor inside the pen, otherwise, bury a fence concerning twelve inches deep round the hen’s house.


take care that the materials you may use for the fence and also the floor is thick or onerous enough for them to impossibly bite through.

Requirement #3 The method you build your coop should not be leaky or breezy. Subsequently, seasons will amendment and then would the weather. that’s why; your coop must be able to endure associate degreey quite natural effects.

Requirement #4 Roosting poles must be provided for your hens to slumber. It must have an approximate 2-inch wide rounded edges. You allot associate degree eight to ten in. area between every bird. place nest boxes to encourage egg laying. One nest box is adore 3 to four chickens. Situate the boxes inches higher than the ground. don’t let it bit the soil. Place these nesting boxes somewhere non-public wherever nobody will hassle them whereas they’re doing their thing. Safety is that the very initial policy one ought to follow.

Requirement # 5 Your coop should be roomy. Spacious. you’ve got to allot a minimum of three sq. feet for each bird. There should even be space where the feeder and also the waterer can suspend to that is 7-8 inches higher than the ground.

Requirement # 6 The coop should be accessible for the owner’s sake ONLY. Predators and rodents not allowed. simple accessibility will assist you clean the coop so bacterium and bugs don’t fester.

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