Red Eared Slider Secrets

This book by Chris Johnson talks about everything that a red eared slider enthusiast should know before bringing one to their home. From their feeding to their habitats, this book covers even the most minuscule details in it. The book has been a best seller and is highly recommended by the red eared slider breeding experts.

The book ‘Red Eared Slider Secrets’ covers a complete area on the ways through which you can distinguish whether your slider is getting the right care or not. This area of the book is very important as it helps the breeder explore and understand different stages that their slider may go through. For example, there can be times when your slider will be eating normally but doesn’t seem to gain weight at all or you might notice evident changes in your sliders eating habits. This book speaks about all such conditions and explains what measure should be taken if any of these conditions arises.

Furthermore, ’Red Eared Slider Secrets’ talks about how and what to feed your slider. There are certain foods that are not suitable for your turtle. On the other hand, there are also some foods that these sliders love to feed on. For example, crickets are the slider’s favorite snack, especially when they are young, but as far as adult sliders are concerned, they can be fed fruits, vegetables and worms and insects. One thing must be taken care of that fruits like, banana and strawberries must not be given to the slider frequently which is also mentioned in the book.

There are often debates going on as to what is the best place to keep the red eared slider. ‘Red Eared Slider Secrets’ is not only a guide but a complete package discussing several options where you can keep your new slider. This book also talks about what places are not suitable for keeping the slider. It further discusses the temperature of water in which you are required to keep your new turtle. Imagine, how your innocent pet will feel if the temperature of the water gets too cold or to warm. Those of you who think that providing home to a slider is as easy as filling the water in the aquarium, you are totally mistaken. The job requires care and attention along with apposite measures.

Keeping your pets clean is extremely an imperative concern. However, it is even more important in this case as sliders are known for making a mess. That’s why keeping your slider clean will take effort and the job has to be done on regular basis. You can refer to ‘Red Eared Slider Secrets’ as to when and how one should clean their sliders tank. It discusses the ways in which one can keep the tank clean and hygienic for a longer period of time.

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‘Red Eared Slider Secrets’ by Chris Johnson is a complete guide that every slider’s breeder should have. If you are looking forward to befriend your new slider and give them a comfortable home to live in then you should consider buying this handy book for your turtle’s happiness.

Red Eared Slider Secrets

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