Tobacco Growing Made Easy

Tobacco Growing Made Easy Reveals the Secrets of Growing the Highest Quality Tobacco Affordably

The Tobacco Growing Made Easy company ( has announced that it’s selling the secrets of master growers of fine tobacco to the general public to allow anyone who enjoys tobacco to grow and harvest the highest quality tobacco right in their own homes or on their own property.

Are you a tobacco lover who is tired of the silly aura of “immorality” that anti-smoking lobbyists are causing governments to draw around tobacco users and smokers so that you feel put off from going out to buy tobacco?

Are you a smoker who isn’t always pleased with the taste of store-bought products and is ever more suspicious of additives that the big tobacco companies may be putting into your cigarettes to get higher profit margins or cater to big government conditions?

Tobacco growing

Perhaps you are outraged at the escalating price of buying tobacco products because of outrageous government taxation. If you are someone like this, then the ‘Tobacco Growing Made Easy’ has the answers you’ve been craving.

According to author Geoff Thrower, smokers and tobacco users have every right to know what’s in their tobacco and they should feel no obligation whatsoever to pay extortionist-style taxes to the government if they want to make the adult choice to enjoy smoking.

Thrower also insists that the additives that commercial tobacco growers put into their products are very harmful and make smoking greatly more risky to one’s health than it should be.

‘Tobacco Growing Made Easy’ will teach you:

which seeds produce the best tobacco;

how to make a sand mixture to disperse tobacco seeds;

how much light you should allow for optimum results;

how to water your seedlings so they don’t drown;

the easiest way to germinate tobacco seeds;

simple techniques for producing the largest tobacco plants;

hands-free maintenance allowing you to set it and forget it;

the very best time for harvesting; drying and curing for maximum flavor and quality;

the different types of tobacco available to you;

how to choose the best seeds for the best plants; the truth about soil types and how they affect your plants;

how to handle seedlings so that you do not damage them;

how to avoid fungus and mold; how to produce the best leaves for cigars;

why you don’t need a garden or greenhouse to grow tobacco;

what to do with plants that show signs of disease;

how often to rotate you crop to a new location;

how to ‘air cure’ your leaves properly for the best taste;

and the different ways to smoke your home-grown tobacco.

For the cost of just one carton of store-bought, commercially produced cigarettes, Thrower’s insider secrets can be those of any tobacco lover’s.

Writes Geoff Thrower in his book of tobacco secrets: “Tobacco’s scientific name is Nicotiana, and almost all commercial varieties of tobacco belong to tabacum species.

The rustica varieties were used extensively by erstwhile Native Americans for purely ceremonial and religious purposes; farmers in many parts of Asia are still using the same variety…

Historical chronicles suggest that tobacco has been cultivated and used on the American continent. American tribal people cherished the exotic and fragrant nicotine content of Nicotiaba tabacum and Nicotiana rustica.

Wild Tobacco, like Nicotiana rustica, has about 15 times more nicotine than other varieties. Now, is it possible to grow such a legendary plant in your home garden? Yes, it is possible to grow and propagate this wonderful plant in your back yard.”

ABOUT ‘Tobacco Growing Made Easy’

Tobacco Growing Made Easy ( is an Internet based company dedicated to putting high quality, great tasting, healthier tobacco in the reach of the average smoker who is tired of the exorbitant prices of commercial tobacco products on the market today. Geoff Thrower’s book comes in e-book form.

SOURCE: Tobacco Growing Made Easy

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